Duggan Mother’s Day Tournament

Tournament Rules May 10-12, 2024


  • All elements of the team, including parents, coaches and players are expected to maintain themselves in accordance with the highest standards of good conduct. Instances of unsportsmanlike conduct will be investigated and addressed without delay.
  • Coaches are responsible for reminding team supporters that good sportsmanship rewards exceptional play regardless of who makes the play. Good sportsmanship does not detract from the game but rather makes it more enjoyable for all. While competition is a healthy part of the game, supporters should never lose sight of respect for the game or their competitors.
  • Individuals displaying unacceptable behavior will be requested to leave the area. Tournament staff can hold the coach responsible for the actions of their team and supporters. Staff reserves the right to deny entry to any person associated with the team at their discretion.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to adjust tiers and groups as needed to provide balanced pools or ensure teams are competitively balanced.
  • No refunds will be issued after the registration process is closed. See registration forms and website FAQ for exact date and refund procedures. In the event of a discrepancy, the website FAQ holds priority over refund process.
  • These rules are intended to be as inclusive as possible; however, in the event of unforeseen circumstances the tournament committee reserves the right to make binding decisions upon all participants.


    1. All teams from U7-U19 are required to fill out their team’s roster online no later than Monday May 6, 2024, by 4:00pm. Guest/trialist forms must be attached to game sheets and submitted prior to the start of each game.
      1. No changes to the team roster can be made once that team’s first tournament game has been played. Any corrections requiring change after May 6, 2024 must be made at the tournament headquarters – Duggan Community Hall, 3728 – 106 Street.
    2. A maximum of four (4) coaching staff members are permitted in the team’s technical area during the time of play.
      1. One of the staff members must be the same gender as the players.
    3. Players are only permitted to play on one team in this tournament.
    4. All mixed-gender teams will participate in the corresponding male age group/tier/division.
    5. Players on U7-U19 teams must be of the appropriate age group as outlined in ASA rules, but may include players from a lower age group. Teams or players can play up an age group, however the Tournament Committee will be the final arbiter of the tier in which a team will play.
      1. No player or team may play down an age group.


    1. All coaching staff and players (including guest players) must be currently registered with a youth soccer association recognized by ASA or CSA for the 2024 outdoor season to participate in this tournament.
    2. Any coaches or players that are currently under any disciplinary action from any ASA or CSA recognized soccer association must advise the tournament committee, who will decide (based on the offence) if the player/coach will be permitted to participate in the tournament. All suspensions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
      1. Failure to notify the Tournament Committee about disciplinary sanctions could result in team elimination from the tournament.
    3. Player cards and Coach cards, where mandated for regular play, are not required for this tournament, however must be shown upon request by tournament staff.
      1. Please note: Failure to produce any of the above identification (if requested) may result in the forced forfeit of the game(s) being played by the team.


    1. Each team is permitted up to three guest players during the tournament, provided the team does not exceed the maximum roster size for this tournament.
      1. Additional trialist requests must be presented to the committee.
    2. Guest players must be currently registered with a youth soccer association recognized by ASA and/or CSA for the 2024 outdoor season to participate in this tournament.
    3. Guest players for EMSA teams can only come from within the same zone (for example, Southwest Zone to Southwest Zone or North Zone to North Zone). Out-of-district teams can only use guest players from their own district.
    4. All guest player(s) must have written approval from their original team with signatures from coaching/management staff on their original team as well as
      their tentative tournament team. A guest player will be allowed on the following basis:
      1. Tier 1-4: can only be from a lower age/lower category or lower division as the age group of the receiving team’s tournament category in order to be registered on that team’s roster with written approval as noted below.
      2. Tier 5-9: can be from the same or lower age/same or lower category or same or lower division as the age group of the receiving team’s tournament category in order to be registered on that team’s roster with written approval as noted below.
    5. Teams must submit guest forms and one copy of the game sheet to the referee prior to the start of the game. Coaches must submit a copy of the guest form for each game a guest player participates in. A guest form can cover a range of play dates.
    6. Guest players must be identified on the team roster/game sheets.
    7. Teams competing in Tiers 4 and lower (Community Soccer) are not permitted to use trialists to increase their current roster size (total number of players listed on a teams’ regular roster) – trialists can only be used to replace missing players, not increase team size to attend the tournament.
    8. Guest and trialist mean the same thing and wording may be interchanged without changing the meaning.


    1. All teams from U7-U19 are required to register their completed roster and identify any guest player(s) no later than Monday May 6, 2024, 4:00pm.
    2. No changes to a team’s roster can be made after said team’s first tournament game.
    3. Players not on the team roster prior to the team’s first tournament game are deemed ineligible.
    4. Players cannot be registered on more than one team roster.
      1. Any instance of a player playing on more than one team could result with a disqualification of both teams involved, with consideration from the Tournament Committee.
    5. The maximum number of players permitted on a team roster is as follows:
      1. U7-U8: Twelve (12) players including goal keeper(s).
      2. U9-U11: Sixteen (16) players including goal keeper(s).
      3. U12-U19: Twenty (20) players including goal keeper(s).
      4. NOTE: The tournament will recognize any EMSA teams with existing special dispensation to carry more players than regularly permitted. Any non-EMSA team will have to submit a request letter and ASA roster to the tournament coordinator who will submit on your behalf to the Tournament Committee that they currently have a roster over the regularly permitted number of players.
      5. All decisions of the Tournament Committee will be final.
    6. All teams MUST upload an official ASA roster in their online account prior to their on-line roster function being activated. This must be done prior to the roster deadline set out in paragraph 1.1.
      1. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of your team without a refund.
      2. Please note: Absolutely no additional player registrations will be approved at tournament headquarters, please ensure you have enough players prior to entering the tournament.


    1. Travel Documents – All out-of-province teams must submit travel sanction forms with their roster on or before Monday May 6, 2024, by 4:00pm.
      1. All possible accommodations will be made such that teams travelling 170km or more will not play Friday.


    1. Format of Match Play:
      1. The length of games will be as follows:
        1. U7: 2 X 20 minute halves
        2. U9-U10: 2 X 25 minute halves
        3. U11/U12: 2 X 25 minute halves. For medal games: 2 X 30 minute halves
        4. U13-U19: 2 X 30 minute halves. For medal games: 2 X 35 minute halves
      2. All games will have a 5 minute half-time break.
      3. Injuries occurring that require on-field medical attention will not result in additional “makeup” time being allocated.
        1. There will be no additional time added to games.
      4. Games may end in a tie during Round Robin play. However, a game that requires a result will go to “Kicks from the Penalty Mark.” See section 10 for rules.
      5. Each team will play a minimum of three (3) games and medals will be awarded after the last game.
      6. The “Mercy Rule” will apply to this tournament. No team will be given more than a five (5) goal differential. Tie-breaking procedures will use results after the mercy rule is applied. For example, if a team wins 7-0, they will only receive credit for a 5-0 win, regardless of the actual score.
      7. All games, except U7 (which will not have referees appointed), will have ASA certified officials or equivalent, assigned by the tournament referee assignors. Referee decisions, including their interpretations of the Laws of the Game, are final and cannot be appealed.
        1. Any issues with officiating should be brought up to the Tournament Committee.
        2. All coaches, players, and spectators are expected to behave within the Code of Conduct outlined in “Coaches Information”.
      8. Substitutions are made at the discretion of the referee. Substitutions on the fly will be accepted (if the referee decides to use this procedure). Coaches should discuss with the referee on what exact procedure will be used for each game.
        1. Recommended tournament procedure dictates that on the fly substitutions should be used from U13 upwards, and that directed substitutions during stoppages in play should occur below this level.
        2. Any “on the fly” substitution which results in “too many men” and interferes with play shall be sanctioned with an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
      9. Teams are permitted an unlimited number of substitutions during the game.
      10. Scores will not be kept for the U7 age levels. Participation ribbons will be awarded to all participants after their last game.
    2. Tournament Pool Format:
      1. Round Robin” format will have NO play-off games within a pool or between pools. All tied games in Round Robin play format will stand.
      2. “Play-Off” pool format will have play-off games scheduled within a two- sided pool or between pools. Ties will stand in the first round of game for two-sided pools and/or the first round of pools that play off against another pool.
      3. Medal Games are defined as the final games in a two-sided pool or between pools that play-off against one another, whose results determine medal standings (Gold and Silver). If a Medal Game results in a tie at the end of regulation time, the “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” procedure will be used to determine the winner of the match. See section 10 for rules.
    3. Game Sheets:
      1. Official Duggan Mother’s Day Tournament game sheets will be used throughout the tournament and are available to print off the website. Teams must ensure they have printed a game sheet for their team for each tournament game.
      2. Game sheets are to be completely filled out and given to the game official prior to the kickoff of each tournament game.
      3. Ensure all players (including guest players, labeled as “guest”) are listed on the game sheet prior to kick off. Any player not listed on the game sheet prior to kick off will be deemed ineligible to play.
      4. Tournament officials will collect game sheets from the game officials at the end of each match. The scores and any discipline (cautions or ejections) will be called into headquarters by the field marshal. Scores and team stats will be posted on the official tournament website, and on information boards at tournament headquarters.
      5. If not clear, the team mentioned first on the schedule is deemed the Home team.
        1. The home team will be required to change jersey colours if a conflict exists (see 6.4.2).
    4. Required Equipment / Team Colours:
      1. The home team is required to provide a minimum of two suitable game balls, as determined by the game official, which is as follows:
        1. U7 SIZE 3
        2. U9-U12 SIZE 4
        3. U13-U19 SIZE 5
      2. Teams are reminded to carry alternative jerseys or pinnies. In the event of a jersey colour conflict (which will be at the referee’s discretion), the home team will change jerseys or wear pinnies. Please make allowances for goalkeepers.
    5. Point System:
      1. A win entitles a team to three (3) points.
      2. A draw entitles each team to one (1) point.
      3. A loss entitles a team to zero (0) points.
      4. NO extra points will be awarded for shutout games.
    6. Tie-Breaking Procedures:
      2-Way Tie

       - Head to Head
       - Goal Differential
       - Least Goals Against
       - Kicks from the penalty mark (see section 10)
      3-Way Tie

       - Goal Differential
       - Least Goals Against
       - Kicks from the penalty mark (see section 10)
      NOTE: Most ‘goals for’ cannot apply due to mercy rule.

    7. Forfeiting Games:
      1. If one team fails to appear within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, or a team forfeits during play, 3 points will be awarded to the opposing team for the forfeited game. For standings purposes, the score for a forfeited game shall be recorded as 3-0, unless the team forfeits during play, in which case the score will be the greater of 3-0 or the current score at the time of forfeit.
      2. Should both teams fail to appear within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, they both forfeit the game, the final score will be recorded as N/S (no score), and no points will be awarded.
    8. Inclement Weather – Extraordinary Weather and/or Unusable Field Conditions:
      1. The safety of players, coaches, tournament management, spectators and referees is the primary concern in any weather event that may occur during the tournament.
      2. Severe weather is unpredictable and beyond the control of the tournament organizers. The Tournament Committee has the authority to relocate or
        reschedule any game, reduce game time, or cancel any game. Any games cancelled due to weather are not subject to refund.
      3. Unless otherwise notified by the Tournament Committee, teams must appear at the scheduled location and time. The City of Edmonton Field Closures are not in effect for this tournament.
      4. The field conditions will be monitored by tournament organizers. If the playing surface is considered too dangerous for play, or to prevent severe turf damage, then the game may be rescheduled or cancelled. Tournament organizers will have the final say if a game will proceed due to inclement weather. If needed, the decision to play the game may have to be decided right at game time.
      5. Canada Soccer’s new approach to thunder and lightning remains active, and unless otherwise notified, tournament organizers will be following this rule and suspending matches if thunder is heard.
        1. For more information, please see: https://albertasoccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Lightning-Policy-E.pdf
      6. Last year introduced Alberta Soccer’s new Air Quality Monitoring Guidelines. If the AQHI is 7 or higher, games will not be played.
        1. For more information, please see: https://albertasoccer.com/wp-content/uploads/Alberta-Soccer-Air-Quality-Monitoring-Guidelines-July-20-2021.pdf
      7. A game is considered complete if one half of the game has been completed before being cancelled due to adverse weather.
      8. If one half of the game has been played before inclement weather, the game will count and the score will stand. Tournament organizers reserve the right to shorten games due to inclement weather and if needed games will go directly to kicks from the mark to determine a winner.
      9. If a game is cancelled before one half of the game is played, and the option for kicks from the mark does not exist, the score will be set at zero and the match declared a tie.
      10. In cases where a game has been cancelled or altered in any way, it is the responsibility of the teams involved to contact the Tournament Committee for verification of changes. Frequent updates and game status will also be posted to the tournament webpage at https://www.duggantournament.com/
      11. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to cancel the tournament in whole or in part due to inclement weather or unplayable fields and no refund will be issued. Individual games may also be cancelled outright and no refund will be issued.


    1. Rules of Play:
      1. This tournament follows the IFAB Laws of the Game and the current EMSA/ASA rules. In particular, the following age-group specific rules are in effect for this tournament:
        1. U7 – EMSA Mini Soccer Rules
        2. U9/U10 – EMSA U9 Rules for Outdoor (7 v 7 format)
        3. U11/U12 – Alberta Soccer U11 Rules for Outdoor (8 v 8 format) – Note that we will be using the 1/3 line as the offside line. Note that we will be using the maximum field size permitted.
        4. U13-U19 – IFAB Laws of the Game
      2. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend parts of these laws as outlined within these tournament rules.
      3. All players, coaching staff, assisting personnel and team supporters are expected to obey the laws of the game and respect all tournament officials.
      4. Game officials reserve the right to exercise use of the laws of the game for the time period beginning immediately before, during and immediately after the game and said authority extends to the area immediately surrounding the field of play and includes the bleachers.
      5. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Threats and/or assaults made towards any tournament officials during this tournament will generate an immediate suspension pending the ASA Discipline Committee action in accordance with ASA Rules and Regulations
    2. Discipline for U11-U19 teams:
      1. No red/yellow cards are issued to U7-U10 (mini-soccer) players, but a player can be sent off for cooling down and a replacement is allowed. Yellow and Red cards may still be issued to coaches at this level.
      2. Red Cards, in addition to the immediate suspension, are an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension. Two yellow cards in two consecutive games will result in a minimum of one (1) game suspension to be served the following game.
      3. If a player or team official receives a second red card in the tournament, that player must report, with the affected teams’ coach, to Tournament Headquarters immediately after the game. The player or team official will not be permitted to participate in any further tournament play and may face further disciplinary action.
      4. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their players serve their discipline during the tournament (failure to do so could result in disqualification from the tournament).
      5. Players or team officials receiving or serving a red card game suspension must immediately leave the area of play and are not permitted in the team’s technical area during the game(s) they are suspended from.
      6. If the nature of the suspension warrants, or for all other offences, the Discipline Committee (which will include the Technical Director and 2 members of the Tournament Organizing Committee) will convene,
        determine the number of games suspension based on the Referee Report, and advise the coaching staff of its findings. The regular process of appeals remains available if needed (see 7.3).
      7. All discipline reports will be passed on to the player/team official’s regular league where further discipline may be enforced.
    3. Protests:
      1. Protests of any tournament game results will be reviewed provided that the protest is in writing and submitted to tournament headquarters accompanied by a fee of $100.00 payable by cheque to “Duggan Soccer”, which is refunded if the appeal is successful. The tournament headquarters must receive written submissions within two hours of the protested game’s completion. The Technical Director will make a decision within 2 hours after the protest is filed. The decision of the Technical Director cannot be appealed. Protests in reference to the “laws of the game” and protests of decisions by game officials will not be accepted.
      2. Playing ineligible players will result in the forfeit of any game the said player participated in. Affected teams will be awarded a 3 to 0 score as well as three points.


    1. Tournament Voucher – A tournament voucher will be provided for each player in the tournament, and is redeemable at the Concession at Tournament Headquarters at Duggan Community Hall only.
    2. Awards Presentations:
      1. Gold and Silver medals for the U9-U19 categories will be awarded to the top two (2) teams in each category.
      2. There will be no bronze medals given out.
      3. Ribbons will be given to all U7 teams after their last game.
      4. All medal and ribbon presentations will occur at Tournament Headquarters at Duggan Community Hall, 3728 – 106 Street.


    1. All field locations are listed on the Locations page and will be updated regularly. You can view a Google map of each match location by clicking on the short name of each location beside the match time.
    2. In accordance with EMSA policy, teams will sit on opposite sides of the field from one another. The spectators of a team should sit on the same side of the field as their own team, but will be separated from their team by the center flag. The home team will have the choice as to which side they prefer.
    3. If field location does not permit teams to sit opposite of one another due to space constraints, teams will sit on the same side, and spectators will sit on the
      same side of the field, with the centerline flag between the two groups.
      1. The tournament staff or match official will be the only one with the power to make this decision.
    4. Coaches, players, and parents may not position themselves behind the goal.
      1. All coaching staff must respect the technical area designated in the Laws of the Game and will be first warned, and then removed from the game for persistent infringement.


    1. In the event of a tie where a result is needed (medals determination), “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” as per ASA and IFAB Rules will be the determining method used to break the tie game. Affected teams are provided 1 minute to select 5 players from those on the field of play at the end of the match, select the order in which they will take the kicks, and prepare the goalkeeper.
    2. Procedure is as follows:
      • The referee flips a coin to determine the goal at which the kicks will be taken (unless one side is in better condition than the other, in which case the side in better condition will be used - at the referee’s discretion).
      • The referee tosses a coin and the team who wins the toss decides if they want to kick first or second.
      • The referee keeps a record of the kicks being taken.
      • Subject to the conditions explained below, both teams take five kicks.
      • The kicks are taken alternately by the teams.
      • If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one has scored more goals than the other could score, even if it were to complete its five kicks, no further kicks are taken.
      • If, after both teams have taken five kicks, both have scored the same number of goals, or have not scored any goals, kicks continue to be taken in the same order until one team has scored a goal more than the other from the same number of kicks.
      • Each kick is taken by a different player and all eligible players must take a kick before any player can take a second kick.
      • Any eligible player, including the designated alternate goalkeeper if any, may change places with the goalkeeper at any time when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken.
      • Only the eligible players and match officials are permitted to remain on the field of play when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken.
      • All players, except the player taking the kick and the two goalkeepers, must remain within their team’s technical area.
      • The goalkeeper who is the team-mate of the kicker must remain on the field of play, beside the corner flag at the end of the field where the kicks are being taken.
      • Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark, the referee shall ensure that only an equal number of players from each team remain to take the kicks (as per IFAB Laws of the Game).

Unless otherwise stated, the relevant Laws of the Game and International F.A. Board Decisions apply when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken.

Tournament Rules Updated March 12th, 2024. Approved by the Tournament Committee March 21st, 2024

Duggan Mother's Day Tournament


Confederation # 2
112 Street 43 Avenue NW
Confederation # 3
112 Street 43 Avenue NW
Confederation # 4
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Confederation # 6
112 Street 43 Avenue NW
DS McKenzie # 2
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DS McKenzie # 3
106 St - 40 Ave
Ermineskin # 1
ermineskin park
Ermineskin # 2
ermineskin park
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